Best Friend’s Baby Shower
Bestie had a baby | cute outfits to celebrate new life

Last Minute Date
He will remember me! | outfits for a great night out

#AConfidentYou Story
Check @thecharvelle’s Story!  | @thecharvelle

Meeting His Parents
They will like me! outfits from classic to modern

Sail With Style
I’m going on a cruise! | hot outfits for hot days

Chic With Curves
Check out fashion influencer Manon’s page! | @chicwithcurves

Going to a Networking Event
Let’s make new connections! | outfits for the best first impression

Just Had A Baby
I don’t know what to wear! | comfortable outfits for your new role

Going To Coachella
All eyes on me! | bright outfits for the happiest moments

Happy Easter
Time for family & friends!  | spring celebration outfits

Sunday Brunch with Friends
Love spending time with my girls! | cool outfits for getting together

Shopping on Main Street
Time to treat myself! | outfits to stand out in the crowd

Family Vacation
We’ve been waiting all year just for this! beach & party outfits

Job Interview
Look your best| get your outfit