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7 Reasons Why Diversity is Good for Business and for your Lifestyle


In business, it is a missed opportunity if you only cater to the majority. The same thing is true in live. Learn how including and showcasing a diverse group helps Xehar create a new and exciting way of life.


Why shouldn’t all clothes look the same?

Because not everyone is the same.

What makes us different is what makes us stronger.

To highlight beauty in our differences and celebrate a new life style of inclusion, Xehar is showing that diversity is more than just women of different sizes, ethnicities, ages, and styles. Diversity is also found in the way we think, the way we relate to others, and the way that we believe. Xehar Diversity is committed to supporting their global community in a way that makes diversity the foundation for a new way of living.

There are many benefits of incorporating diversity into your life through fashion, creativity and community outreach. Here are seven ways that Xehar uses diversity as a superpower.

1. Diversity helps change the past

Historically, not all sizes of women have been represented in mainstream media. This impacts people’s confidence, which can lead to things like low self-esteem, eating disorders, depression and even suicide. Xehar’s diversity campaign celebrates our differences and showcases realistic body types in fashion. Building product lines around these real body types are good for business because it delivers products that help women want and need.

2. Authenticity accelerates your brand

In business, it is a missed opportunity if you only cater to the majority. Xehar believes in including and showcasing real people (flaws and all) in marketing campaigns is a must. By doing so, they avoid alienating those who don’t fit the stereotypical mold.

One woman featured in the campaign, Sara Geurts has a rare disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which makes her look much older than she is. During the photo shoot, she threw off fashion pieces that covered her aged-looking skin, gleaming with confidence and authenticity. Her comfort in her own skin speaks volumes of confidence and self-pride.

3. Acknowledging diversity creates loyalty

By acknowledging that customers are diverse, Xehar creates brand loyalty. Amber Nicole Williams who was born with Vitiligo, leaving her with patches of both light and dark skin, was another model featured in the diversity campaign. Usually women with this condition use makeup to cover up their imperfections, but in the campaign, she wiped off her makeup, and it sent a powerful message. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

4. Size doesn’t matter, reality does

Many companies do not market products with realistic representations of who their customers are. In doing so, there is a potential for backlash on social media channels where shoppers can voice their negative opinions about your company’s misrepresentation of reality.

We also featured Cheyenne Hererra @thiickting , a plus size model, who acted out cutting measuring tapes in her photos. The plus sized market is a reality, however on average, only 1 to 2% of the bodies represented in mainstream media are plus sized. Marketing campaigns that try to cater to plus sized women using non plus sized models is a real problem.

5. Contribute to body positive image

For decades, marketers have been portraying idealized models and celebrities in print and electronic media for marketing their products. A research study performed by Todd Morrison and Emer Sheahan recognized that sociocultural norms and values in Western societies are often proposed as major contributors to body dissatisfaction.

Priscilla Katerena, one of the models featured in the diversity campaign, is passionate about supporting women to be satisfied with the way they are, naturally. For years, she treated her hair with unhealthy products, trying to make her hair look like what she saw in magazines and on TV. After support from the Xehar community, she realized that her hair is beautiful. Her hair is her crown and she wears it proudly! Natural beauty is true beauty, and marketing should reflect who customers really are, not an idealized version of what companies think they should be.

6. Create community and connect with more customers more often

Xehar owes much of its international growth to our focus on building community first. By recruiting #BodyPositiveMentors who act as brand ambassadors, Xehar is responsible for organizing and supporting communities of women around the world who share a desire to become more confident. The mentors are very diverse, allowing Xehar to grow a wide base within their community.

7. Diversity drives opportunity for cultural growth

Just like in life, being diverse within a company can help to build culture. Think of diversity like traveling. When you travel, you get to experience different people, places and things. The people you meet can give a new perspectives. Places can make you realize how big the world really is, and how much there is to explore. Visiting new locations will also expose you to new types of architecture, food and ways of doing everyday tasks.  

Xehar realizes the value of varied perspectives, and that is reflected by their diverse models. Expanding far beyond someone’s look, Xehar finds and celebrates women from all types of ethnic and religious backgrounds. When you surround yourself with people who are truly diverse, it makes you have more culture. As a global brand, Xehar sees massive value in uniting people through fashion, by building community that embodies self love from across the world.

The reality is that not everyone fits into the same clothes, and new doors are finally opening for a more diverse group of professional models. Xehar is proud to showcase models who reflect real people, who are all very different but share one thing in common, their natural beauty no matter what size, shape or color.