Finding Balance in Negative Moments

Life can be pretty rough sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never see the softer side again. With every negative comment you hear or stressful feeling you have, there is usually something positive coming your way just around the corner. How do we find balance to get us through those negative moments? Taking a little time to for yourself is a good place to start and Psychology Today agrees.

Everyone is a little different, so what I do to take care of myself might not work for everyone else, but it’s always nice to get ideas from other people’s routines. Here are a few ways I like to find balance.


Granted I have the money, shopping is one of my favorite ways to take my mind off of my stresses. Sometimes I’ll go by myself, or if I’m in need of a talk with some of my girls, we will all make a day of it. Each shopping trip I have my eyes on something different. I’ll be on the hunt for dresses one time, or shoes another, but no matter what I end up filling my closet with by the end of the trip, I always feel less stressed.

Bubble Baths

I absolutely love bubble baths! Especially the kind with essentials oils and lavender scents. When I’ve had an especially rough day, I’ll run one of these soothing baths as soon as I get home. To make it extra relaxing, I’ll set up my laptop with Netflix on a little table in my powder room, step in my bubbly bath tub, sit back and soak up the suds while watching my fave shows. Just a few minutes in a bath like this helps me decompress from a tough day.

Reading in Coffee Shops

One of the greatest escapes from real life is reading! Even when I was younger and couldn’t read myself yet, my mother would read to me and I would immediately feel a calmness take over me. Now that I’m older, I love taking a good book to a coffee shop, with some headphones and music, to my favorite local coffee chop. There’s just something about sipping on a warm cup of joe while letting my mind wander imaginary worlds.

There’s no shame in taking time for yourself. How do you plan on finding your balance? If you already have a self-care routine, what are they? Comment below! We’d love to hear about how you’re staying #aconfidentyou.

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