New Year, New You!

Every new year we make resolutions. Everybody wants a fresh start, a renewal. To be able to leave your past behind and become a fresh version of ourselves or even reinvent ourselves entirely. We all make these promises to ourselves. Whether it be to get healthier, to stop a bad habit or even change a career. We begin with such hope and optimism then by February we’ve gone back to our old habits and thought patterns and we slide back into what we know is comfortable. For years I did this, making these empty promises to myself fully knowing that I’ll just end up going back to my old ways. So how do we change, for real? I’ve come up with some possible solutions to take steps into keeping your intended promises to yourself.


a mood board:

as silly as they may seem having a visual object reminding you of your goals has been proven to work in manifesting them into reality by keeping you focused.

tell someone:

you’re more likely to keep your promises if you have told others about your plans, keeping you accountable for your actions.

break it down:

break up your bigger goals into smaller ones. It will seem way more attainable if they are broken up in daily activities. For example if your goal is to eat better, start by slowly cutting out the junk food in your life and adding one healthy thing per day instead of jumping in with both feet. It will be less daunting.

be ok with being uncomfortable:

The last and maybe most important tip, as humans we tend to runaway from being uncomfortable, I’ve been guilty of this for most of my young adulthood. You associate with being uncomfortable with a negative emotion when in reality being uncomfortable and stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way we as people can grow and change. So go in knowing that you will face discomfort with compassion and acceptance.

Let’s make this the best year yet, we got this.