Spotlight Interview with Alex Sundstorm


Alex is a fashionista that loves floral print! I must say, she looks beautiful, right? Even though she’s had negative experiences as she grew up, especially in high school, she has overcome and hopes to help others! Read more about Alex below.


Tell us where you grew up? (childhood, family..)

I grew up in Southern California, the oldest of five kids. I was homeschooled when I was younger, so my family has always been extremely close!


Have you experienced bullying? If so, explain.

I definitely did when I was in high school. I had people call me names and talk behind my back because I was fat. There was also some cyber bullying.


When was the first time you realized your worth?

I spent a lot of time learning how to love myself through journaling, therapy, selfies, and so many other things. I remember the first time I looked in the mirror and felt my self-esteem increase was when I realized my reaction was “damn, I’m adorable! I love what I see!”


How important is a sense of humor in hard times?

A sense of humor is EVERYTHING. It helps keep a silver lining in the dark clouds and reminds you to see beyond the immediate.


What’s your favorite “Sexy Outfit” to wear?

I love a little black dress, especially with some sort of sexy detail like cutouts or mesh or lace.


What’s the best advice for self-care?

Take the time to do it! Five minutes everyday is a great starting place that can make a huge difference.

What are you up to currently?

Hiding in bed with my yorkie Mookie, is my favorite weekend pastime.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Kicking ass and taking names!


Give one piece of advice to your younger self…

It’s going to be okay. I promise. Know your worth and own it.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mother and grandmother. They have taught me so much on drive, patience, kindness, generosity and style.

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