Spotlight Interview with Gina Amendola


Gina is a spicy, fun and fabulous fashion babe! Her laugh is contagious, her raw and real take on life taught me a few things when I met her at the Xehar Fashion Fairies Conference; maybe that’s why she is known as ‘The Curvy Class’! Get out your notebooks and pens because school’s in session.



Tell us where you grew up? (childhood, family..)

I grew up in a small suburb about 20 minutes north of NYC. I’m first generation Italian-American. My family migrated to my hometown in NY from southern Italy and has been here ever since. I have 3 siblings, the youngest being 25 years my junior.


Have you experienced bullying? If so, explain.

I have experienced bullying all of my life even up until just recently. The biggest difference between my past and present experiences is that I handle it much differently now that I have confidence in myself. When I was a kid I used to cry and want so bad to fit in. Now I am more confident in who I am and don’t find validation in how other people perceive me.


When was the first time you realized your worth?

I’d say probably around 27. I started to become comfortable in my own skin and started dressing better because there were actually cute clothes available above a size 12. I worked on enhancing my makeup skills and people would start asking me to style them. That was a very proud moment in my life.


How important is a sense of humor in hard times?

It is extremely important! Life will always throw you curve balls and you have to roll with the punches. I have been through some tough times and what has got me to the other side is knowing that this is life and we wouldn’t appreciate the good so much without the bad.

What’s your favorite “Sexy Outfit” to wear?

I have 2! Lol a tight body con with pumps or high waisted pants with thigh high boots and a crop top.


What’s the best advice for self-care?

Set aside time for yourself and don’t let other people project their emotions onto you. Learn to seperate others feeling from your own. And of course drinking lots of water!  


What are you up to currently?

I’m currently working on content and building up my following on my IG/ blog while starting up a YouTube channel as well. I also own a billing company that is my pride and joy. Being an entrepreneur in all senses is my biggest accomplishment to date.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I hope to expand in all of my business ventures and start some new ones as well! I have so many more goals to achieve both personally and professionally. I see myself looking back and proud of my accomplishments and also proud to be able to do the things I love.



Give one piece of advice to your younger self…

Hang in there, it gets better, wayyyyyyy better!


Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mother is my biggest inspiration. She’s a hard worker, a caretaker, and a very strong person. I feel like she is the reason I have been able to accomplish everything I have.


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