Spotlight Interview with Itan Kemala Sari


All the way from Jakarta, Indonesia, Itan brings a her own take on fashion. At Xehar we love embracing diversity and love the way Itan magnifies who she is,  brings us into her culture and shares her heart to the world. As you start to read about Itan, you’ll fall in love with her like I did!


Tell us where you grew up? (childhood, family..)

I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Not much people (especially from the West) know about Indonesia. It’s located in Southeast Asia, near Singapore and Malaysia. I am the 1st daughter in my family, I have one brother.


Have you experienced bullying? If so, explain.

YES! I get that a lot, even now at 26 years old. The first time I got bullied was in elementary school. I was the “big fat ass kid” in my class. People would make fun of me, telling me look like a drum, elephant, balloon, and it continues up until now, but I am stronger than I was.


When was the first time you realized your worth?

I realized my worth when I landed my first job ever. I was working at the biggest online media company in Indonesia. It was like a dream because I didn’t think that I would get passed the interview. Here where I live, appearance is THE ULTIMATE NUMBER ONE thing people look at when it comes to getting a job.


How important is a sense of humor in hard times?

It’s so important for me. I keep myself entertained by watching Korean variety shows or stand up comedy. It helps relieve my stress. I love being around people that share the same sense of humor.


What’s your favorite “Sexy Outfit” to wear?

That’s a tricky question, I came from Muslim family so I wore Hijab daily. But when it comes to a “Sexy Outfit”, I would say cute and  casual outfit, like pants and blouse. I have a boyish style so  a top, blazer, and jeans are my go-to. I also adore maxi dresses topped off with loose blouse!

What’s the best advice for self-care?

Take care of yourself, even down to the smallest details. Not only should you take care of your body, but also your mind. Drink lots of water!


What are you up to currently?

I am currently working as an assistant editor in startup media company. In my free time I love to take a pictures, more like an OOTD pictures. I’m also brushing up on my Korean language skills (I learned Korean for about 8 years, by myself), and taking some time to write a motivational pieces.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would say, working on my own, being a successful author or influencer, married (even though I don’t have bf right now lol)), and keep inspiring others with my story. I also make time to travel around the world!

Give one piece of advice to your younger self…


Who is your biggest inspiration?

It’s not that I am narcissistic, but I actually don’t really look up into someone because I believe in myelf. But currently, beauty vlogger Nabela Noor is one of my favorites. She inspires me to be brave and embrace my flaws.


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