Spotlight Interview with Megan Hillard


This red-haired vixen’s name is Megan. She is beautiful inside and out. Megan is passionate about helping other women build confidence so that they can be empowered to change the world!


Tell us where you grew up? (childhood, family..)

I grew up in Huntsville, AL!


Have you experienced bullying? If so, explain.

Yes, I grew up around all my older cousins who would tease me relentlessly.


When was the first time you realized your worth?

After a bad relationship where I was compromising myself in order to be what he wanted me to be.


How important is a sense of humor in hard times?

SO IMPORTANT! I would rather laugh than cry anytime, so if you can laugh through the hard stuff it helps so much!


What’s your favorite “Sexy Outfit” to wear?

I love wearing thigh high boots, they make me feel so sexy and confident!


What’s the best advice for self-care?

Love yourself first. Don’t look for it in other people.



What are you up to currently?

Building Curves, Curls and Clothes to be an important voice in the community.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself being the CEO of multiple businesses!


Give one piece of advice to your younger self…

Don’t look to men to feel validated.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

Oprah, she is such a strong successful woman.


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