Staples aren’t just for your stapler gun.

Learning to dress for your body is something I’ve been personally working on for a long time and every time I figure it out my body somewhat slightly changes again. Being in the fashion industry for so long you are in the world of art coming to life. The textures, lines, silhouettes, all these things are amazing and to be able to express yourself with clothing is a beautiful thing. That being said we do not come in all ‘one size fits all’ body. It’s an overwhelming and daunting task to dress yourself everyday as a woman (not to generalize but I can only speak from my own experience). We want to feel good and we want to feel like ourselves and as we get older we appreciate quality or quantity. I’ve decided to compile a simple list of staple pieces every girl should own in their closet, no matter shape or size that you can personalize with your own style.

A dope leather jacket
This will tie in every single of your outfits, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing sweats and a tee underneath. Once you rock that leather jacket you’ll automatically be 10X cooler.

Great pair of shades
Every celebrity already know this trick. When you’re want to look fabulous and mysterious without applying a stitch of makeup on, you rock some great sunglasses but most importantly, wear sunglasses everyday to protect your face from premature aging.

A high-waisted pencil skirt
This one is great because not only will show off your curves you can dress this up or down. I love taking an unexpected turn and tucking in a cool band tee into my skirt instead of a button up blouse.

Short pair of booties
The same goes for the leather jacket, little leather (or vegan leather) booties will dress up even the grungiest of outfits. With a little heel it will give you just the amount of edge without needing to try so hard. Wear them with jeans or a skirt (I’ve even worn mine with a swimsuit).

YOUR shade of lipstick
This is one staple I cannot live without, I know technically this isn’t a clothing item or even accessory but if I’m running late and I have quite literally no time to get ready I will just swipe a pretty plum on my lip and I look like I actually tried. Find your shade! It will save you!

These items can be rotated or even worn everyday, heck, I wear them everyday and even at 7am with 3 hours of sleep I still feel somewhat put together when I wear any or all of these staples.