Words from a Plus Size Millennial – The Plus Size Shopping Game – #AConfidentYou

Xehar has made the impossible possible. For the longest time, plus size women have been asking retailers everywhere to stock plus size clothes directly behind straight sizes. As the years passed, most companies expanded their plus size sections, moved clothes to a visible area in the store, and included more items in a size 0X than in a 4X. However, these changes did not address the main issue at hand. Plus size shoppers want to see their sizes stocked directly behind items that are available in XS through XXL. Below are some of the major challenges plus size shoppers like me experienced until very recently.


Challenge #1 – Where to Shop?

Growing up, the most frustrating part of shopping was figuring out which retailers carried plus size clothes. There’s nothing more embarrassing than visiting every store in the mall only to discover that out of the hundreds of stores, only 5 retailers had plus size items in stock. This made it difficult to shop with friends when major events like homecoming or the holidays rolled around. Since most stores didn’t carry my size, I quickly became the personal stylist for my friends and shopped for these events on my own. Although plus size stores allow women to shop comfortably throughout the entire store, it doesn’t address the root of the problem. Plus size women deserve to shop next to our friends, not in a different section or store.

Challenge #2 – The Game Plan

After deciding where I would shop, I would create a game plan as to how I would shop. What exactly do I need? What look do I want to go for? Would stores that I regularly patronize have clothes that I wanted in my size? With these questions in mind, I would begin my day long journey.

Every time I entered a store, I made a beeline to the maternity and misses sections. Without fail, the plus size section would be sandwiched between them in obscurity. Once, I discovered where the plus size clothes were – I spent a lot of my time sorting through every item. I didn’t do this because I loved to spend my days going through each and every item for inspiration. I looked through everything because I learned from experience that things are rarely organized correctly, it’s just how things are in retail, especially in high traffic areas.

Challenge #3 – Miss vs Ms

Creating my own sense of style as a plus size girl was difficult. As early as the age of 12, I found myself shopping in the misses, maternity, and plus size triangle. My friends had the luxury of shopping from a plethora of stores, filled with unlimited options of junior apparel. On the other hand, I found myself trying to create fashionable outfits from clothes that were targeted to pregnant women or misses. There was nothing worse than being 13 and dressing older than my age just because those were the only clothes that fit me. While everyone around me was experimenting with their sense of style and discovering who they were, I was trying to figure out how to fit in.


When I first discovered Xehar I couldn’t believe that this company existed. I wanted to tell the world that what we’ve been waiting for has been here all along. The fact that Xehar offers chic and stylish clothes, accessories, and shoes to contemporary AND curvy women is revolutionary. No other company is making it a priority to reach both its curvy and contemporary customers like Xehar is. Our CEO understands the importance that fashion plays in everyone’s life. Hadari Oshri is making it her mission to create a single place where women from all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds can come together and shop in order to build #AConfidentYou. This is the beginning of the #FashionRevolution

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